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  • »Confluent Talent: It Might Just be Rocket Science
    While strategic HR decisions may not equate to life-or-death, for employers the alignment of talent management with business strategy will determine the future of the business. Employers with tens of thousands of employees are stuck in decision limbo.
  • »Breaking the Cycle of Volatility and Supply Chain Performance Deterioration

    The great moderation that lasted from the mid-1980s through 2007 was characterized by low volatility and strong gains in business performance that combined in the fashion of a virtuous cycle. The supply chain was a significant beneficiary and source of these gains.
  • »Disruption, Financial Services and the Buffalo Bills
    The year was 1996: Alanis Morissette and the Smashing Pumpkins dominated radio—we still listened to radio back then—while your Internet 1.0 experience began when your dial-up modem screeched for 20 seconds and then connected you to your AOL account. You had mail! It was in that year that Episode 7 of the fourth season of the popular SciFi drama The X-Files aired, during which a conspiracy was laid bare in a secret meeting by powerful men.
  • »It’s a Floorwax... It’s a Dessert Topping... Actually, it’s Both!
    There are few sure things in the world. One might cite death and taxes, but only slightly down the list is the inevitable answer a Big Four consultant provides to the question “What is your firm’s strength?” Everything, of course.
  • »Show Me The Money
    Management consulting is a cash business. Now salaries and bonuses within the consulting industry are certainly not at the stratospheric levels enjoyed by their kindred brethren in investment banking. But consultants generally do realize much-better-than-average wages relative to their counterparts in the corporate world.
  • »Will ‘Knowledge Workers’ (Consultants) Be Replaced by Machines? It’s Possible
    The management consulting industry to date has been largely unscathed by the wave of technological change. However, there are signs that digital technologies are now beginning to disrupt the management consulting industry as well, with potentially deep and far-reaching consequences.
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Travel Advisory

  • »Survey: Consultants Are On the Road Again
    After years of fits and starts in an uncertain economy, travel is back in the consulting profession, at least according to the results of our annual Best Places to Stay survey.
  • »Marriott Goes Big in NYC
    Marriott International, Inc. and G Holdings opened what they’re calling an “iconic addition” to the New York skyline, a combined 378-room Courtyard hotel and 261-suite Residence Inn hotel in midtown Manhattan. The $320 million, 68-story property is the tallest single-use hotel in North America.
  • »Best Places to Stay: Travel Bounces Back
    Consultants are on the road again, at least according to the results of our annual Best Places to Stay survey.
  • »FAA: ‘Staffing Challenges’ Causing Delays
    In case you haven’t noticed, non-weather related delays at U.S. airports are on the rise. (And I know you’ve noticed that weather-related delays are definitely on the rise.)
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Book It!

  • »Q&A: Keeping It Simple
    BCG’s Six Simple Rules sets out to simplify some organizational complexity.
  • »Review: Leading the Life You Want
    It seems that everyone has an opinion on work/life balance these days, but Stewart D. Friedman’s Leading the Life You Want isn’t necessarily one of them.
  • »Review: The Culture Map
    Globalization led to the rapid connection of internationally based employees from all levels of multinational companies, and now those same employees are expected to collaborate with colleagues scattered all over the world.
  • »Review: Twitter is Not a Strategy
    Today’s digital frenzy has led many to declare that advertising is dead… or at least dying. Is it?
  • »Excerpt: Procurement as Productivity
    The following is an excerpt from the book Procurement 20/20: Supply Entrepreneurship in a Changing World by a quartet of McKinsey & Company consultants—Peter Spiller, Nicolas Reinecke, Drew Ungerman and Henrique Teixera.
  • »Review: The Risk-Driven Business Model
    Most companies focus their innovation on new products.
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12 14 2009
»10th Anniversary: The Top 25 Consultants

Top 25Over the last decade, Consulting magazine has recognized more than 250 consultants for their accomplishments in the profession. Each year, we honor those consultants making the greatest impact on clients and within their own firm with the Top 25 Consultants.

Here’s a complete list of all the winners of the award dating back to 1999.

Jim Bramante, IBM
Bruce Barge, Buck Consultants
Mike Conover, KPMG
Claudia D’Arpizio, Bain & Company
MaryAnne Faschan, EDS
Cory Gunderson, Protiviti
John Kaltenmark, Accenture
Brooks Kitchel, Kurt Salmon Associates
John Kovalchick, Proudfoot Consulting
Rich Lesser, The Boston Consulting Group
Robin Lineberger, BearingPoint
Bryan Marsal, Alvarez & Marsal
Leslie Moeller, Booz & Company
Ken Mungan, Milliman
Jacqueline Olynyk, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Laurie Oppel, Navigant Consulting
David Rodman, Hitachi Consulting
Jim Roth, Huron Consulting Group
Vance Scott, A.T. Kearney
Amy Shah, Sapient
Ed Stark, Capgemini Consulting
Ming Tsai, Infosys Consulting
Tim Wiest, Deloitte Consulting
Rob Wilhite, KEMA
Stephen Wood, Ingenix Consulting
Bob Koudelka, Deloitte Consulting

Shumeet Banerji, Booz & Company
Peter Cheese, Accenture
Kathryn Haley, Aon Consulting
Daniel Mahler, A.T. Kearney
Charles Farkas, Bain & Company
Antonella Mei-Pochtler, The Boston Consulting Group
Jacquie Walker, Buck Consulting
John Sarnese, CSC
Jocelyn Cunningham, Deloitte Consulting
Michael Fucci, Deloitte Consulting
Raju Lal, Ernst & Young
Richard Schroth, Executive Insights
Stephen Brant, Hitachi Consulting
David Shade, Huron Consulting Group
Peter Korsten, IBM
Raj Joshi, Infosys Consulting
Hugo Van Nispen, KEMA
Cari Bunch, Kurt Salmon Associates
Mark Goodburn, KPMG
John Merkovsky, Marsh Risk Consulting
Adrian Slywotzky, Oliver Wyman
Michael Dunn, Prophet
Miles Everson, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Karen Vander Linde, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Alan Wexler, Sapient

Paul Laudicina, A.T. Kearney
Alan Herrick, Sapient
Kris Pederson, IBM
Rolf Thrane, Mitchell Madison Group
Russ Hagey, Bain & Company
Steven Hill, KPMG
Janet Hoffman, Accenture
Gary Smith, Ivy Planning Group
Romil Bahl, Infosys Consulting
Venguswamy Ramaswamy,
Tata Consultancy Services
Sharon Marcil, The Boston Consulting Group
Nichols Evans, Unisys Corporation
Punit Renjen, Deloitte Consulting
Shahzad Bashir, Huron Consulting Group
Walter Mullikin, CSC
Dan Haas, Bain & Company
Tamra Chandler, Hitachi Consulting
David Schuette, BusinessEdge Solutions
Ray Hill, IMS Health
Steven Gunby, The Boston Consulting Group
Debra Cammer Hines, IBM
Salil Parekh, Capgemini
Davide Taliente, Oliver Wyman
Mark Gerencser, Booz Allen Hamilton
Michael Moorman, ZS Associates

Bill Pullyblank, IBM
Jay Norman, DiamondCluster
Julie Howard, Navigant Consulting
Tonie Leatherberry, Deloitte Consulting
Bridget van Kralingen, IBM
Don Rippert, Accenture
Chris Formant, BearingPoint
Ravin Jesuthasan, Towers Perrin
Richard Spitzer, Accenture
Lee Dittmar, Deloitte Consulting
David Fine, McKinsey & Company
Michael Gibbons, Unisys
Kaz Uchida, The Boston Consulting Group
Paul Sailor, Buck Consultants
Phil Parr, Hitachi Consulting
David Speltz, Huron Consulting
Atul Vashistha, NeoIT
Michael Mankins, Marakon Associates
Mary Sue Rogers, IBM
Arkadiy Dobkin, EPAM Systems
Ashish Singh, Bain & Company
Ronald Nicol,The Boston Consulting Group
Peter Walsh, Mercer Management Consulting
N. Chandrasekaran, Tata Consultancy Services
Gary Neilson, Booz Allen Hamilton

Robert Shuh, Accenture
Chris Zook, Bain & Company
Diane Davies, Deloitte Consulting
Michael Travis, Hitachi Consulting
Sylvester Schieber, Watson Wyatt Worldwide
Mark Gottfredson, Bain & Company
Stephen Pratt, Infosys Consulting
Cesare Mainardi, Booz Allen Hamilton
Adam Gutstein, DiamondCluster
Paul Laudicina, A.T. Kearney
Jerry Greenberg, Sapient
Rodney Rogers, Adjoined Consutling
Greg Baroni, Unisys Corp.
Mike Marn, McKinsey & Company
Gary Holdren, Huron Consulting
Miki Tsusakam, The Boston Consulting Group
Neil de Crescenzo, IBM Business Consulting Services
Robert Pryor, Capgemini Energy
Saul Bermna, IBM Business Consulting Services
Angelo Mazzocchi, BearingPoint
Michael Schroeck, IBM Business Consulting Services
John Drzik, Mercer Oliver Wyman
Dennis Doughty, Booz Allen Hamilton
Doug Lattner, Deloitte Consulting
Brent Longnecker, Longnecker & Associates

Charles Beard, BearingPoint
Heather Burns, Booz Allen Hamilton
Lanny Cohen, Capgemini
Murray Dalziel, Hay Group
John Dulle, BearingPoint
Mark Fabro, TerraSec Corp.
William Goodyear, Navigant Consulting
William Green, Accenture
Michael Gregoire, PeopleSoft
Fritz Kroger, A.T. Kearney
Dan Lewis, Booz Allen Hamilton
Jim McTaggart, Marakon Associates
Darryl Moody, BearingPoint
David Nadler, Mercer Delta Consulting
Darrell Rigby, Bain & Company
Paul Robinson, Deloitte Consulting
Steve Rohleder, Accenture
Kenneth Rubin, PA Consulting
Sandy Shirai, Deloitte Consulting
Chell Smith, Capgemini
Ned Stringham, SBI Group
Steve Taylor, Celerant Consulting
Mark Wietecha, Kurt Salmon Associates
Jonathan Woetzel, McKinsey & Company
John Wong, The Boston Consulting Group

Joshua Aaron, Business Technology Partners
Hans-Paul Buerkner, The Boston Consulting Group
Thomas Davenport, Accenture
Ian Davis, McKinsey & Company
Bryan Doyle, Hewitt Associates
Robert Felton, McKinsey & Company
Glover Ferguson, Accenture
Steven Gold, BearingPoint
Rajat Gupta, McKinsey & Company
David Hofrichter, Buck Consultants
Gary Holdren, Huron Consulting Group
Arthur Levitt, Securities & Exchange Commission
Donald Lowman, Towers Perrin
David Morrison, Mercer Management Consulting
John Parkinson, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
Alan Pearson, BearingPoint
Stephen Pratt, Deloitte Consulting
Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company
Ginni Rometty, IBM Business Consulting Services
Michael Silverstein, The Boston Consulting Group
Adrian Slywotzky, Mercer Management Consulting
Carl Steidtmann, Deloitte Consulting
Gail Steinel, BearingPoint
Damian Walch, T -Systems
James Woolsey, Booz Allen & Hamilton

Rudolph Giuliani, Giuliani Partners
Jeanie Daniel Duck, The Boston Consulting Group
L. Paul Bremer, Marsh Crisis Consulting
Manoj Singh, Deloitte Consulting
David Shpilberg, Bain & Company
Bernard Kerik, Kerik, Bellistri & Associates
Gill Rider, Accenture
David McQueeney, IBM Corp.
Ben Smith, A.T. Kearney
Marc Kozin, L.E.K. Consulting
S. Ramadorai, Tata Consultancy Services
George Stalk, The Boston Consulting Group
Tom Manning, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
Michael Sinneck, Microsoft Corp.
John Donahoe, Bain & Company
Dale L. Gifford, Hewitt Associates
Robert C. Lamb, KPMG Consulting
Mike Schroeck, PwC Consulting
Stephan James, Accenture
Mike McConnell, Booz Allen Hamilton
Jurgen Kluge, McKinsey & Company
Eric Rajendra, EDS Corp.
Mel Bergstein, DiamondCluster
Robert S. Kaplan, Balanced Scorecard Collaborative
Michael Gregoire, PeopleSoft Global Services

Joe Forehand, Accenture
Gail Steinel, Andersen
John Donahoe, Bain & Company
Douglas M. McCracken, Deloitte Consulting
Ralph W. Shrader, Booz Allen Hamilton
Nancy Killefer, McKinsey & Compnay
Art Peck, The Boston Consulting Group
Angela K. Selden, Accenture
Lucinda Duncalfe Holt,
Destiny Web Solutions
Duncan Craig, A.T. Kearney
Chris Jenny, The Parthenon Group
Mark Fuller, Monitor Group
Chris Meyer, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
George Stalk, The Boston Consulting Group
Orit Gadiesh, Bain & Company
Adrian Slywotzky, Mercer Management Consulting
John V. Caldarella, Watson Wyatt
Mel Bergstein, DiamondCluster
Michael Sternklar, PwC Consulting
Chuck Burns, KPMG
Charles Lucier, Booz Allen Hamilton
Frank J. Rooney, IBM 
Edward J. Sanderson, Oracle
Jay Fulcher, Peoplesoft
W. Mitt Romney, Salt Lake Organizing Committee

Bill Nussey, iXL, Inc.
David Pecaut, The Boston Consulting Group
John Donahoe, Bain & Company
Geoff Unwin, Capgemini Group
Mary Tolan, Andersen Consulting
Jerry Greenberg, Sapient Corp.
Rudy Puryear, Lante Corp.
Scott Hartz, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Orit Gadiesh, Bain & Company
Rajat Gupta, McKinsey & Company
Joe Forehand, Andersen Consulting
George Stalk, The Boston Consulting Group
Mel Bergstein, Diamond Technology Partners
Kathleen Biro, Digitas
Stephen Sprinkle, Deloitte Consulting
Jim Wadia, Arthur Andersen
Bob Gett , Viant Corp.
Karen Riley, Siebel Systems
Bob Howe, Scient Corp.
Edward Sanderson, Oracle Corp.
Randolph Blazer, KPMG Consulting
Reginald Van Lee, Booz Allen Hamilton
Adrian Slywotsky, Mercer Management Consulting
Cathy Benko, Deloitte Consulting
Tony Tjan, Zefer

1999 (The Top 10 Most Influential Consultats)
George Shaheen, Andersen Consulting
Scott Hartz, PwC
George Stalk, The Boston Consulting Group
Michael J. Wolf, Booz Allen Hamilton
Robert Howe, Scient
Orit Gadiesh, Bain & Company
Terry Ozan, Ernst & Young
Roland Berger, Roland Berger & Partner
Pamela Thomas-Graham, McKinsey & Company
Douglas McCracken, Deloitte & Touche
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